Waiting Outside an Abortion Clinic Years Ago Was Worth It

The mother of an almost-aborted baby reached out with this letter about her son.

During those years of waiting in front of abortion clinics, I trusted that God would bring forth from my small efforts the fruit he saw fit. I was content to be obedient and faithful without reward. And yet, being offered just a sliver of that reward now, many years later, I am encouraged all the... Continue Reading

On Being a Lifelong Learner

Why wouldn’t we want to know as much as possible about the living and true God–both from His word and from those he has appointed to teach us the riches of His word?

We have more resources available to us today than every before in human history. The number of publications–both print and electronic (e.g. Google Books, Internet Archive and Logos)—at our disposal is astonishing. When we find ourselves criticizing theologians or historians of a bygone generation, it would do us well to remember that many of them did not have access to... Continue Reading

The Aquila Report Renews Annual Challenge Campaign

Give The Aquila Report to Everyone in Your Church for Less than $20? Sponsor 100 readers for $5; 200 readers for $10; 400 readers for $20; or 1000 readers for only $50

A foundation has generously given The Aquila Report a grant of $7,000. We want to use this grant to challenge our readers to match with this gift with your gifts. As in past years, the foundation gave us permission to use this gift as a way to encourage our readers to support The Aquila Report. In 2016, our readers donated... Continue Reading

From Genesis 3:16 to Dinah – Man’s Desire to Rule Over Woman

The Biblical narrative, from Genesis 3:16 to Dinah, shows that the fall of humankind introduced a power dynamic into the man-woman relationship.

It is our job to war against the effects of the fall. The power men feel they can wield over women is one such effect. The Church must stand against the subjugation of women because in so doing we push back against the Fall of Humanity with the power of the Kingdom. The Church has... Continue Reading

Why Saying “She’s Just a Friend” is an Insult

We say that we are thankful for our brothers and sisters in Christ but often our responses reveal our ingratitude.

Because we live in such a romanticized and sexualized age where every meaningful relationship with the opposite sex is expected to result in the bedroom, we often try to react by minimizing friendship. We set marriage up as the ultimate relationship in which all of our commitment, passion, and intimacy is shared and invested. So... Continue Reading

God’s Sovereignty & Prayer

The question should not be “If God is sovereign, why should we pray?” but rather, “If God is not sovereign, why should we pray?”

Our God is not like the worthless idols that we make literally or figuratively with our own hands. He alone is worthy of praise. He alone is the God of all creation. He alone can pardon our sins. He alone is the God who hears. He alone is our Father in heaven who gives us... Continue Reading

“Big Bang” Racism

At the heart of the social justice movement is the misguided idea that humanity can fix itself.

Christ understood what many of us do not – that our fundamental problem isn’t the systems or structures under which we live as a society. They are merely symptoms of the problem. Our problem is our soul. Which is why the gospel is so necessary in the first place (Rom. 1:16; Eph. 2:1-9). When all has been said and... Continue Reading

Why Get All Worked Up About Divine Simplicity? An Introduction to the Importance of the Doctrine

God is not only “one” numerically, He is also one of a kind; He is the only God and He is not an individual member of a class of like beings: He is unitas singularitatis.

Many have rejected this doctrine on the bases that it is too speculative, too philosophical, and lacks chapter and verse in the Bible. Many have also rejected it because of its wide range of theological consequences—heretics just plain hate it. But since it does appear weird and highly speculative, why get all worked up about... Continue Reading

Justified and Not Sanctified?

It is critical to how we answer the question, "What must I do to be saved?"

I got B.B. Warfield’s book on the deeper life movement, Perfectionism, several years ago to try to make sense of my former theological beliefs. I never thought I would be referring to it regarding the current discussion on sola fide. This debate is more than academic hair-splitting over theological terms. It is critical to how we answer the question,... Continue Reading

A Better Jerusalem

What is the place of the state of Israel, and the city of Jerusalem, in the consummate purposes and plan of God?

While recent developments concerning the city of Jerusalem has given us reason to revisit this subject–it would do us good to be settled in our minds about the fact that all who are united to Jesus by faith have been made children of Abraham and heirs of God (Gal. 3:29). Believers are the citizens of... Continue Reading

Chuck Anderson, Long Time Covenant College Professor, Called Home to Glory

Charles W. Anderson, 92, beloved professor emeritus of biblical studies at Covenant College, died on December 5, 2017.

He joined the faculty of Covenant College in 1964, when Covenant relocated from St. Louis, Missouri, to Lookout Mountain, Georgia. He continued to teach biblical studies and other subjects at the College until his retirement in 1993. He coached teams in basketball, cross country, and soccer during part of his tenure. He was known as... Continue Reading

Our Pagan Children

In our search for identity, we need to meet Jesus, the true source of human identity, the revelation of God in human form. Only he can keep our kids from paganism.

The Bible’s view of sexuality is not small-minded moralism, unloving discrimination, heartless violence, or cruel bullying. It is a theistic understanding of the universe, deeply founded on the personal being of God Himself. This is ground zero for everyone. Homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender are “unnatural,” (Rom 1:26) and out of order with the physical cosmos.... Continue Reading

Cyrus, the Lord’s Anointed

Because God is fully sovereign we should expect Him to act in ways we have not anticipated because His decree controls what happens.

Isaiah knew that the Jewish exiles would find it almost impossible to recognize Cyrus, who did not truly know the Lord, as a savior. Thus, the prophet spends much of today’s passage asserting God’s sovereign right to do with His creation as He pleases. Just as it would be foolish for clay to question the... Continue Reading

The Baptism Scandal in the Reformed Churches

Why do many local Baptist churches baptize more adults per year than some entire Reformed denominations?

Now I’m guessing that all of my Reformed brethren who think someone who newly professes faith in Christ needs a couple of months of new member classes before earning the right to be baptized might have a problem with baptizing converts who six weeks earlier had been part of a mob bent on murder. Yet,... Continue Reading

Are Images Of Jesus Allowed?

The Scripture does not give a description of Jesus.

One group affirms the plain confessional view as summarized above in WLC #109, which prohibits any representation of God. Another group would object to depicting him in corporate worship, but would allow pictures of him in children’s Bibles and Sunday School material. The last group would hold that images of Jesus are not problematic since... Continue Reading

German Court Orders Government To Create Third Gender

Germany’s highest court has taken up the gender question, ruling earlier this month that officials must create a third gender option for official records, or do away with gender altogether.

The Federal Constitutional Court found the current law—requiring birth registers to have either “male” or “female,” or be left blank—unconstitutionally discriminates against those born with ambiguous sexuality. The ruling came on the heels of Germany legalizing same-sex marriage in October.   (WNS)–While the European Union debates marriage, Germany’s highest court has taken up the gender question,... Continue Reading

Weighed in Wikipedia’s Balances And Found Wanting

Internet encyclopedia erases entry for notable paleontologist after he advocates intelligent design.

Despite Bechly’s numerous professional accomplishments, including a sizable list of scientific publications and the notoriety of having numerous species named after him, a group of anonymous editors at Wikipedia decided to erase his page from the internet encyclopedia because he is not “notable” enough.    (WNS)–Wikipedia has deleted a paleontologist’s page because he weighed Darwinism in... Continue Reading

Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Scripture records occasions when even God’s people experienced disbelief after seeing miracles

“Though God has not promised to act in the same miraculous manner today as He did in the days of old, we can expect Him to move in our behalf. We don’t merit righteousness before our Father by our obedience, and the Lord’s grace is so vast that He regularly blesses us in spite of... Continue Reading

Alone, But Never Alone

Whenever the lines that distinguish these two dimensions of saving grace are blurred, it is salvation itself that becomes the casualty

“If we lose sight of the distinctiveness of justification as, according to Martin Luther, the mark of a standing or falling church, and allow it to become confused with sanctification, then the focus of faith is inclined to shift from Christ to self. This has been borne out in Catholicism historically as much as in... Continue Reading

Fill Believers, Not Buildings: Why Success in Ministry Isn’t a Numbers Game

Tather than judging our churches by what we can see, let’s trust God

“The measure of a pulpit ministry isn’t its width, but its depth. Blinded by pride and the idolatry of success, we too often equate God’s blessing with a large congregation and failure with empty seats. But our greatest desire as pastors should be that our hearers hearts are formed to the image of Christ.”  ... Continue Reading

What Sexual Theft Says About You

A letter to a would-be adulterer

You don’t really believe God when he declares that you may “be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23). If you think you can get away with it, just because you succeed (at least for a while) in hiding it from your contemporaries, as David did, you are acting as if God doesn’t... Continue Reading

Studying the Confession: The Doctrine of Assurance

The struggling believer can come and receive grace, encouragement, strength and victory!

Yet so many believers today haven’t been taught this, much less do they believe it!  Yet, believers have the tools they need.   The Westminster Confession of Faith … What is it? Is it a document that presents cold intellectual faith?  Dead Orthodoxy as it seems to some… Is it a historical artifact that has... Continue Reading

5 Reasons We Switched from Small Groups to Sunday School

Small groups are rarely times of Bible teaching, but Sunday school is

“The main way to plug into the church is to plug into the church—the whole church. For years we took on the role of matchmaker. But the role of church leaders is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:11–13). As we embrace our call, by God’s grace and his Holy... Continue Reading

Why Every Healthy Church Emphasizes Preaching and Teaching

Over and again, Jesus proved that his word had the power to heal and to give life

“When God gives life—either physical or spiritual—he does so through the power of his Word. This means pastors who want to have a life-giving ministry have no viable option other than the preaching and teaching of Scripture. Yes, small groups, fellowship, and various programs can be good tools for discipleship and evangelism. But none of... Continue Reading

Why Is Parenting So Incredibly Hard?

The devil lies and he enjoys around-the-clock access to our kids

Our culture thinks of children as innocent and impressionable; blank slates awaiting the external influences of education and culture. The Bible says something very different: “Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline drives it far from him” (Proverbs 22:15 ESV).   I had a rough day as... Continue Reading

God the Redeemer

As a result of their disobedience, our first parents plunged themselves and their posterity into inconceivable ruin and misery.

But the Bible speaks of another Adam—the last Adam—Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He succeeds where the first Adam failed. He comes and does what the first Adam failed to do. He comes and rescues and renews our race from the ruin that resulted from the rebellion of the first Adam. The last Adam... Continue Reading

Choosing Our Limitations: Thoughts on Community

Any definition of community without a concern for place is incomplete—and ultimately harmful.

A shared place is one of those things in life we don’t get to choose for ourselves (at least at the beginnings of our lives). In the age of highways and fifteen-hour flights across the world, it is easy to forget that we aren’t afforded the luxury of choosing where we are born—and that, for... Continue Reading

Metaphors for a Minister of the Word

This essay will bring forth seven metaphors that speak of the minister of the gospel and his work.

No one really desired to be a shepherd. It was hard, lonely, dirty, and lowly work. Shepherds had no fanfare and received no accolades from the masses. But shepherds had one driving duty: to care for the sheep that were entrusted to their care. Predators could lurk and swiftly attack so shepherds had to be vigilant... Continue Reading

Doctor Fired for Refusing to Do Abortions Wins Major Court Case

The case marks the first legal victory for freedom of conscience in Norway.

Katarzyna Jachimowicz,  an experienced family doctor who moved from Poland with her family to the municipality of Sauherad in Norway in 2010 to respond to the country’s shortage of medical professionals, became the first medical professional in Norway sacked for exercising her conscience rights.   A Polish Catholic doctor who lost her job for refusing... Continue Reading

Where Evangelism Fails

The emphasis fell on the divine offer, not the human response: “I offered them Christ.”

This “supply-side” focus (rather than “results-driven” ministry) is so healthy, clarifying, and joy-giving. As an evangelist, nothing brings home to me the graciousness of my Lord so much as offering him to others. The givenness of Jesus is so tangible when you lift him up before people and say: “Turn and receive this Lord; he has given... Continue Reading


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