Zwingli: Patriot Reformer of German Speaking Switzerland

Huldrych Zwingli (1484-1531), a Swiss reformer, a contemporary of Luther, began his work in Zurich.

Zwingli first served as a pastor in idyllic Einsiedeln (still the home of one of the most ornate monasteries in the world) for two years (1516-1518), prior to beginning his thundering ministry at Zurich’s Grossmunster church on January 1, 1519, making him one of the earliest declared Protestants in the world.   William Farel was... Continue Reading

Tethered to Technology—Escaping the IT Trap

Are we using the benefits of technology wisely or are we so tethered to it that we are its slaves?

We often want to blame the technology itself rather than the way we use it, including our failure to take control of and limit it. The fact is, devices like smartphones can sometimes be extremely helpful and even liberating. It can be great to be able to still get work done despite being stuck for... Continue Reading

Websites of Most Individual Protestant Churches Cannot Be Located Through Denominational Website

Only a 32% chance one will find a link for any given Protestant local congregation when visiting a denominational website.

Most Protestant denominations have a website that includes a function to help users find a local church.  But denominations provide accurate links to the websites of only 32% of all local churches, even though three out of four churches have their own website.  Much of the information on denominational websites about member churches is simply... Continue Reading

Connect for Christ

Jesus just asks us to be faithful as his witnesses.

We also witness by what we say, not in terms of not using profanity or trying to say encouraging things. We witness by sharing the gospel. After all, gospel means “good news.” We bear good news as we point people to God, as we give the Bible’s explanation for the mess the world is in,... Continue Reading

From Gay Parents to Prom Dates, Faith-Based Schools Face LGBT Dilemmas

In the months since the Supreme Court decided same-sex marriage should be legal throughout the United States, faith-based high schools have entered a new frontier.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli made comments before the Supreme Court foreshadowing legal problems for faith-based schools. When asked by Justice Samuel Alito if a faith-based school could lose its tax-exempt status over its views on same-sex marriage, Verrilli replied, “It’s certainly going to be an issue. I don’t deny that.”   (WNS)–In the months since... Continue Reading

The Scottgate Tapes – A Revealing Insight into the Current State of the Church of Scotland

Assessment of a debate between David Robertson and Scott McKenna on the Bible, the atonement and the future of the church in Scotland

The Church of Scotland is dying. Without a major miracle of renewal and reformation, the Church of Scotland is in its death throes within Scotland. It’s establishment is rotten to the core, its doctrine has become unbiblical nonsense, it’s discipline nonexistent in some cases – tyrannical in others, its membership and congregations are in free-fall and... Continue Reading

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Solomon was the most intelligent, most powerful, most wealthy, and most admired man of his day, but was he satisfied?

However, all of this is unfulfilling vanity apart from having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Life is empty without taking into consideration the God-man who lives above the sun. Jesus is truly the “most interesting man in the world;” he is the most rich, most famous, most powerful, most wise, most radiant, and most loving man in... Continue Reading

Theological Education: The Role Of The West In Missions

To combat the plague of bad theology in the Global South they need language appropriate seminaries, articles, books, e-books, conferences and more.

The Evangelical church in the Global South is growing rapidly. But, what good is a rapidly growing church with horrible theology? When thinking of the bad theology of the Global South, don’t think of hymnals vs. modern music or ties vs. button down shirts. Christian churches in the Global South are spreading an array of... Continue Reading

“Eschatology and Enjoying Your Mate”

Our relationships within our families and in the household of God bear witness to God’s mission to the world.

Beale points out in his last lecture of his Biblical theology series that every time a man leaves his father’s household to cling to his wife (Gen. 2:24), we have “a parable, a repeated parable, of what Christ would do as the husband of the church: leave his father, cleave to the church. He would... Continue Reading

Teachable Teachers

The best teachers understand where they are lacking and seek to be taught so that they will increase in wisdom and learning

Over the years, I’ve learned that if I as a teacher am threatened by the questions or knowledge of my students, I will never grow as a teacher. I’ve prayed that God would enable me never to become defensive, tentative, and ultimately unteachable. I’ve prayed that for my students as well, especially those who are... Continue Reading

4 Questions to Ask College Students

Here are four questions that may put college students within your church at ease and help you to understand their needs.

The life of a college student is not so carefree. Active shooters on campus are a real threat. A load of debt kicks in after graduation. The job market is bleak. Therefore, conversations with college students need to be attended by thoughtfulness. “What is your major?” and “What year are you in?” are okay, but “Do you have any job prospects?” can add... Continue Reading

Were Early Christian Scribes Untrained Amateurs?

It is often claimed that early Christian scribes were amateurs, unprofessional, and some probably couldn’t even read.

In sum, the oft-repeated claim that early Christian scribes were unprofessional and untrained simply does not fit with what we know about early Christian manuscripts nor about early Christian literary culture.  Loveday Alexander provides a perfect summary: It is clear that we are dealing with a group [early Christians] that used books intensively and professionally... Continue Reading

The New Pastor’s Handbook

Jason Helopoulos's new book on help and encouragement for the first years of ministry

The New Pastor’s Handbook: Help and Encouragement for the First Years of Ministry (Baker) is exactly the sort of book I wanted to read when I was starting out in the ministry. With 48 bite-sized chapters on topics like calling, candidating, reading, using your time wisely, busyness, thankfulness, visitation, discontentment, discouragement, envy, and the privilege... Continue Reading

When Submission Becomes Sinful

We undermine the value of submission in the home as the Bible teaches it if we don't also embrace its Biblical limits.

When those charged with serving and protecting abandon that call and look away from evil, or actively participate in it, we are called not to submit, but to stand up, especially for those who are unable to stand up for themselves. In those moments, it is not submissive silence, but strong words rooted in a... Continue Reading

Clouding the Gospel, Confusing God’s People

Martin Luther made the following outstanding observations in his commentary on Galatians 1:6

There’s a reason why historic Reformed/Presbyterian churches respond so quickly, strongly, and ecclesiastically (i.e. in a churchly manner) to preaching that clouds the gospel by mixing law/works and gospel/grace.  When we hear things like “works are instrumental in justification” or “final justification at the last day” or “the lawful gospel” or “I’m not sure ‘imputation’... Continue Reading

Gnosticism vs. Christianity

Six contrasts between the teachings of Gnosticism and the Christian faith

My intent in providing this summary of Lee’s points is not simply so that we may learn a bit of history about a heresy that arose in the early church. My hope is that, by learning and understanding the ways in which Gnosticism is contrasted with Biblical Christianity, we might be better able to spot... Continue Reading

The Raging Waters In South Carolina

Dr. Derek Thomas is senior minister of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC. He wrote the following update on the effects of the floods in South Carolina

Our church family has been at the center of the storm, with approximately a hundred homes having sustained damage of some kind, and half of these sustaining such serious damage that they may end up losing their homes entirely. There are families who have lost everything, leaving their homes in the darkness of a Sunday morning, in... Continue Reading

I Was Rebuked Without A Word

We can’t judge hearts simply by what we think we see as outward displays of emotion or activity.

Then everything changed. As the song ended and we were about to take our seats, and incidental to him sitting down turned slightly. His eyes were full of tears and his smile was full. I was gutted. I saw the man that I wanted to be; humble, free, focused, and full of delight in God.... Continue Reading

Speaking The Truth In Love: Five Deceptive Myths

We cannot truly love without speaking truth truthfully; and we can’t speak truth truthfully without loving intentionally and thoughtfully.

Obviously truth spoken in love is to be done thoughtfully, timely and with words carefully chosen, while creating an environment of love for effective communication. If a doctor knows you have a terminal condition and loves you he will not be silent. He will thoughtfully tell you the truth. Likely he will take you aside... Continue Reading

Saving Souls Takes Toll On Pastors’ Health

Full-time church ministry actually can kill the people who do it – but it does so slowly.

Some of the results may surprise even devout churchgoers: 54 percent of pastors find their jobs frequently overwhelming, and 48 percent often feel the demands of ministry are more than they can handle. So while about half are overwhelmed and wonder if they should quit, another part of the study showed only 13 percent of... Continue Reading

Why Do We Not Save Christians?

They need help, and they have no good place to go

Today, Christians are under special threat in the Middle East. The possibility that Christian refugees will be able to go home and reconstruct their communities and lead normal lives is far lower than are the chances for their Muslim neighbors. The level of continuing discrimination and physical threat against them is high, and in Syria... Continue Reading

Eight Reasons Many Churches Are Living in the 1980s

Nine out of ten churches in America are either declining, or they are growing so slowly they are not keeping up with the growth rate of their community

Churches largely catered to the needs of church members in the 1980s. We thus created a culture of membership that is me-driven. Many church members do not want to make the sacrifices necessary to reach our communities and culture today. They are demanding their own needs and preferences to be the priority of their churches.  ... Continue Reading

The End of Homiletics?

By “homiletics” we mean nothing more or less than the applied convergence of biblical exegesis, the cure of souls, and ascetical theology.

Preachers who want to be interesting want to be interesting because they were taught that interesting is the summum bonum of Christian preaching. They weren’t told that, of course. Instructors in homiletics are not crass people, and they don’t teach people to be self-aggrandizing performers. Homiletics taught that by accident because, if homiletics is true to itself as a discipline, it... Continue Reading

Thoughts on Note-Taking During Sermons

Hearing a sermon is not like hearing a lecture. It is your meeting with the living Christ.

Ditching the note-taking preaching ethos both elevates sermons and properly diminishes them. It treats a sermon as proclamation aided by the Spirit, which gives the sermon a supernatural weight. On the other hand, by treating all words in a sermon as expendable to memory, it puts the preacher’s words in the right place compared to... Continue Reading

The Bithynian Option

Peter's letter to the Bithynians and the history of the Christian church in that particular region suggest several principles and insights for how to engage a fluid and foreign culture as resident outsiders

Ambassadors as a rule do not join municipal steering committees.  They are not citizens.  Neither do they move into caves and preach prophetic denunciations from a safe distance.  They live in the culture as representatives of a foreign power.  That is the essence and substance of the Bithynian Option.  It understands the Christian mission as... Continue Reading

I Hate the Fall

The only thing that comforts me in the midst of this dark and fallen world is the fact that God hates sin and evil even more than I

Dear friend, we all should hate sin and evil. We should hate the Fall. But even as we hate it, we have hope. God has answered the problem of evil by crushing his own Son. And one day, the Son will return to restore this world and make all things new. On that day, the... Continue Reading

Parachutes, Survivors, and a Challenge

In order to deal with the discomfort, sometimes the existence of abuse is doubted, and as a result, the existence of its survivors is doubted too.

If this is not “your” issue, I respect that. Then please don’t make pronouncements about what is or is not domestic violence out of ignorance. This is a life and death matter, and you don’t know who is listening and taking your words to heart. Do the research and weigh the evidence. Your attitude and... Continue Reading

Ministering to Pedophiles

Addressing the pedophile’s deception and showing what true repentance and ministry to them should look like

A pedophile who refuses to do these things is not repentant and should be put out of the church immediately. The pastor must also make it clear that any ministry the pedophile receives shall not come at the expense of his victims. Just as salvation comes first to the Jew, then to the gentile (Romans... Continue Reading

Handling Contentions in the Church

Here are eight things for pastors to keep in mind while seeking to navigate the trials and controversies that local congregations often face

Never simply give in to contentious or complaining congregants for the sake of peace. One of the biggest mistakes that pastors make is to give in to the demands of discontent or contentious congregants simply to keep them happy. By doing so, they inadvertently empower sinful congregants. If pastors give in on one thing for which... Continue Reading

When the Devil Points a Gun at You

As the gunman shouted to the Christians to make themselves known! What would you do?

These are important moments. People rarely focus on their death. And though the temptation is often to fear, fear that the next person I talk to could hate Christianity, we cannot stay silent. We must keep pressing and shining the light of the Gospel on this lost world. God is in the business of bringing... Continue Reading


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